Into To Long Range Shooting


Who is This For:

This course is for the shooter who has a basic understand of firearms and shooting, and wants to expand their knowledge on long range precision shooting. You will learn the fundamentals of long range shooting, and techniques used by Special Operation Forces (SOF) snipers. Here is what you can expect during the day. 

-Rifle set up 

Learn the proper nomenclature and become familiar with your particular rifle and how best to utilize it. A long distance rifle is an extension of the shooters body, learn to treat it as such. 

-Chronograph to determine Muzzle Velocity. 

We will teach you to collect and use the accurate muzzle velocity (MV) in a professional ballistics computer to become more accurate and knowledgeable.

-Introduction to Long Range Shooting

3 Elements of a good shooting position 

7 factors common to all good shooting positions 

Control measures and firing sequence 

Breathing control 

Trigger control 

Proper follow through after the shot 

How to call and spot your shot for more accurate 2nd round engagement

-Intro to Ballistics

Gain an understanding of how internal, external, and terminal ballistics; and considerations of  long range shooting. 

-Ballistics Computer

Take the guesswork out of shooting, true your gun and ammo to a ballistic computer during the class and use this calculated data to be a step ahead. 

  • Rapid engagement of multiple threats. 

Learn the methods used by SOF snipers to engage multiple targets are different ranges without  dialing adjustments into your scope or using a Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC).