Tactical Skills Enhancement Course (TSEC)

Cost: $1,500 per student

Class Size: 6-12 students

This five day TSEC is designed to build on the students' individual skill sets, focusing on blending these together to become a well rounded shooter. With equal focus on handgun and long-gun, the course begins with a fundamental skills refresher; i.e. five fundamentals of marksmanship and weapons manipulation.

Once the refresher is completed and students' initial skills have been assessed, class proceeds to multiple combat drills, barricade shoots, movement to targets, and multiple target engagement. While constantly reinforcing proper fundamentals of marksmanship and firearm handling. 

The skills enhanced in this course include:

  • The 5 Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship

  • Proper Manipulation of Handgun & Long-gun

  • Positional Shooting: Standing, Kneeling, Barricade, etc.

  • Weapon Malfunction Drills

  • Transition Drills

  • Closing the Distance to Threat

  • Shooting from Positions of Cover

The skills will be trained in this order with time spent on certain areas dependent on students initial skill level and proceed as fast as safety allows. 

Students in the same class need to be on the same basic skill level, or, the more experienced shooters will need to have patience to go through the course at the same rate as the less experienced shooters.  (*For the safety and class quality of all the class will start with a diagnostic test of each student. If anyone fails to meet the minimum safety or skill requirements required for effective learning in this class, that person will be asked to forgo the class at that time, and be invited to learn with us in a class appropriate to their level.)

Equipment needed for TSEC:

  • Plate Carrier & War Belt, set up to unit SOP or personal requirements.

  • 4 Long-gun Magazines

  • 3 Handgun Magazines

  • Safety Shooting Glasses & Ear Protection

  • Combat Knee & Elbow Pads

  • 3,000 Long-gun rounds ammo & 2,000 Handgun rounds of ammo

  • Personal Trama Kit


TSEC is scheduled as needed by student interest, contact us for more info.