About VOD Tactical



Frank and Will created VODTAC in order to fill a void in the realm of tactics. The majority of available information and accessible training is outdated. We have examined the fundamentals of teaching techniques and developed an approach that provides updated, real world shooting and defensive tactics to every level of shooter. We agree that the fundamentals of shooting will always remain the same, however, our application of those tactics will make the difference and allow our students to excel.


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Frank Seaman

Frank has acquired 30 years of experience in tactical shooting. He began his career by enlisting in the Marine Corps, serving his country at 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion. Upon honorable discharge from the Marines, Frank secured a job as a private security contractor. He spent the next 20 years as a SWAT team member as well as a marksmanship and tactics instructor. Frank is a dedicated husband and father to five children. Shooting is his life’s passion and this is apparent in his approach to instructing his students. He will always go the extra mile to make sure his student understands the course and receives all the training required to master the task at hand.



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Will Seaman

Will has been shooting since the age of seven, when his father started his instruction. Will shares his father’s passion for shooting, and in 2012 he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He currently serves at 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Force Company. Will has spent the last six years of his life serving active duty while perfecting his shooting skills and tactics through Sniper courses, Close Quarters Tactics, patrolling, tactics, and leadership Courses. Will is a dedicated husband to his wife and lives in Orange County, California. He will teach any shooter whether the student is a first-timer or an avid shooter looking to advance his or her skills.